Survival of the fittest!

I have just received some photos from our nest camera during last weeks snow, so here's what happened:
As I left Driehoek in the morning everything was covered in snow, the roads were as white as the mountain peaks. I was going to see one of the active Verreaux’s Eagle nests where the chick was 59 days old. When I arrived I could just make out the nest – it was under a heap of snow. I couldn’t see the chick and soon the snow started again and I lost visibility of the cliff. The following day I visited the nest again and watched the adult eagle feeding; a very wet but alive chick! The nest camera has revealed the full story and here are some of the pictures of the chick enduring the snow.
The chick and nest covered in snow
The chick and nest defrosting by midday
The chick being fed the following day
Featured in Die Burger


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