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In Search of Weskus Verreaux’s

Guest blog and photos: Devin Trull  As a photographer and videographer I have a fictional image ingrained somewhere in my occipital lobe of the ‘perfect’ raptor photograph. It involves being eye level with a flying bird (as I am unfortunately unable to fly this is quite tricky), having eye contact, good lighting on the eye, and having the bird as close to full frame as possible. After chasing extremely skittish Martial Eagles through the Karoo with Meg (Ms. Black Eagle herself) for a week and not getting anywhere near a ‘perfect shot’, Meg suggested altering course slightly and going in search of a different species. GPS coords were exchanged, and a week later I was getting up at sparrows to head up the West Coast. The plan was to arrive before sunrise so that I could position myself without bumping the birds off their perches. I would have succeeded but I took the wrong road, adding an extra 25 minutes to the trip and throwing good ol’ google off her ETA. With a lot of luc

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