School camp

Elizabeth Martins of the Cape Leopard Trust runs educational camps for school. She has been working with children from the local Eselbank school for the past few years, taking them out some afternoons. They are now on a three day camp that gives them the chance to get out in the field and see what is happening on this side of the mountains!
Today I joined them to look for Black eagles and check up on one of the nests I am monitoring. I explained a little of the breeding process and the shape of the nest – like a bowl so if the chick is in the center we won’t see it. Ek praat nie so goed Afrikaana nie which I think they found funny, if not slightly daunting. Nevertheless, we set off down the trail to look for the eagles. As I set up the telescope we were so lucky that the adult flew onto the nest and stood with the eaglet; which is now only around 2 weeks away from fledging.
I was a real reward for me to share my work with the kids and see their excitement at these magnificent birds. It’s days like today when I feel like the Black Eagle Project is more than just the research and is coming closer to fulfilling the aim of engaging and inspiring people.

Thanks Elizabeth and Eselbank children!


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