Nest cam no.1

Today was the long awaited nest camera deployment day - The camera base station consists of two large batteries charged by a solar panel and an antenna with a transmitter that can hook up to the internet connection down in the valley. The antenna needs to be within line of sight to a particular point and the base station needs to be close enough to the nest for the camera wire to reach. So it was a weigh off in the end with the line of sight being necessary and the camera not being as close to the nest as hoped. Dr Andrew Jenkins came up for the abseil and patiently fixed the camera up to the best point possible. In terms of a diet analysis the camera is not yet in a good position but it was a learning curve and a step in the right direction to hike a mountain with a solar panel and get all the equipment in place. 
A massive thank you to David and Cisca Nieuwoudt of Cederberg Cellars for sponsoring the camera equipment and to Dawie Burger for his help, organisation, enthusiasm and man-power on the project! Will keep the updates coming as this part of the project progresses.
Dawie and volunteer Michele with the base station!


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