Power line collisions

After receiving an email about the remains of Verreaux's eagles under a power line I walked along the line concerned. It was a short line, only a few kilometres long, which lay inside my study area. Unfortunately I found four eagle remains, all old, and the more recent remains of a raven.
Despite the remains not being recent and there still being a resident pair of eagles at the nearby nest I am very concerned about these findings. I contacted The Endangered Wildlife Trust's "Wildlife and Energy Programme" who have a strategic partnership with Eskom to deal with matters such as this.
I am very happy to have just heard that Eskom have agreed to take action within the next 90 days to install mitigation measures to stop this from happening again. Will let you know when the work is complete! - Many thanks to EWT & Eskom!


  1. 5th September 2014 Update: Sad to report, no action has been taken to make this line safe. Another eagle has been killed.


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