The National Birds of Prey Trust provided funding in 2012-13 
which helped with running costs and equipment for field work.
I am very proud and very grateful to be sponsored by the 
National Birds of Prey Trust whose mission is 'to promote
 the conservation, protection and preservation of all species 
of raptors'. 
The National Research Foundation provided a bursary in 2014
to enable the first stage of data analysis and write up
while based at the University of Cape Town.
I am extremely grateful to my supervisors for their encouragement,
advise and support: Prof Les Underhill and Dr Arjun
Amar from the Animal Demography Unit and the Percy 
FitzPatrick Institute at the University of Cape Town.
Charl du Toit and family have kindly sponsored accommodation in the 
Cederberg until at least March 2013. From 2011 the main base will 
be perfectly situated in the centre of the BEP research area on the oldest 
farm in the Cederberg and next to part of the highest altitude vineyards 
in South Africa - come and visit!
Thanks to Nick Bennett of the Cape Union Mart for
organising K-way sponsorship of much needed outdoors 
apparel and equipment.
The team at Darling Brew have their own personal
commitment to the environment. Their passion is very 
clear through their brews which include 'Black Mist' - inspired
by none other than the Verreaux's eagle. We are very proud
that they chose to sponsor six nest cameras!
IDEA WILD’s efforts conserve biodiversity by providing biologists 
and educators working in developing countries with equipment and 
supplies to aid in their conservation efforts. Since their beginning
 Idea Wild have aided over 2500 projects in 82 developing countries. 
The Black Eagle Project is grateful to have been supplied with 
climbing equipment to install nest cameras.
Evosat have sponsored the use of one of their satellite 
phones and airtime. I greatly appreciate this essential piece
of equipment, particularly while hiking in the Cederberg...
You just never know when you might need it. Thanks Evosat 
for your support!
Donkies Kraal have kindly sponsored accommodation in 
their beautiful tented camp which makes an ideal base 
for field work in the Sandveld.
Bridgestone came to the aid of the Black Eagle Project in
early 2013. After covering 25,000km following eagles, 
with approximately 70% on gravel roads the project vehicle 
was hit by series of punctured and ripped tyres. Without
Bridgestone's generous sponsorship of a set of Dueler
tyres I guess the project would still be off the road... Big thanks!
Hank Chalmers and team at Eagle Encounters have 
freely given their time and advise to contribute to
field work - without which the GPS deployment would
not have been possible. A big thank you!
This project would never have started without the support 
of the Cape Leopard Trust. My deepest thanks to Quinton
and Liz Martins for their enthusiasm, encouragement, 
support and faith!

Interested in Sponsoring the Black Eagle Project?
If you can help with sponsorship please do not hesitate to get in touch: verreauxs@gmail.com

Sponsored items (2014)
Bursary. Sponsor: The National Research Foundation

Sponsored items (2013)
Fuel. Sponsor: National Birds of Prey Trust
6x Nest cameras. Sponsor: Darling Brew
Satellite phone and airtime. Sponsor: Evosat
Outdoors clothing and equipment. Sponsor: K-way
Accommodation. Sponsor: Driehoek Wines
Tyres. Sponsor: Bridgestone
Climbing equipment: Sponsor: IdeaWild

Sponsored items (2012)
Telescope. Sponsor: National Birds of Prey Trust
6x Nest cameras. Sponsor: Darling Brew
Satellite phone and airtime. Sponsor: Evosat
Tank of fuel per month. Sponsor: Cederberg Cellars
Outdoors clothing and equipment. Sponsor: K-way
Accommodation. Sponsor: Driehoek Wines
Bursary. Sponsor: Cape Leopard Trust

Sponsored items (2011)
One live feed nest camera for the Cederberg. Sponsor: Cederberg Cellars
Tank of fuel per month. Sponsor: Cederberg Cellars
Day pack & Jacket. Sponsor: K-way
Accommodation. Sponsor: George van der Watt
Balchatri trap. Sponsor: Eagle Encounters
Bursary. Sponsor: Cape Leopard Trust