Nest Cameras

This year will be deploying nest cameras on selected nests in the Sandveld and the Cederberg. The main purpose of this is to compare the prey species which are brought to the chick while it is on the nest. The cameras will also give us useful information such as exact fledging date which is difficult to determine when you are monitoring so many nests!
Last year the Cederberg Cellars sponsored a live-feed camera which will be redeployed this season. In addition we want to put up at least 6 motion sensing cameras. We have chosen to use the Bushnell camera trap for its prolonged battery life and infrared flash. Now we just need the funding... 
Sponsorship of a nest camera will cost R3000 each. We will then put up the camera and when it comes down at the end of the season we will send you the best shots which will record the growth of the chick and highlights of the season. The cameras will make a big contribution to quantifying variation in the diet of the Verreaux's eagle in the two study areas and we will be very grateful for any support, for more information please contact Megan directly at 


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