Pre-season Sandveld

I've just returned from my first trip back to the Sandveld this year. Yesterday was a tough day - it was hot to be out hiking and for most of the day the eagles were elusive. I visited four nests with the enthusiastic help of local landowners. It wasn’t until the evening when I finally got my first sighting of the eagles. It is still outside of their breeding season, but as territorial birds they remain in the area all year so I finally saw one pair perched on their cliff before dusk.
Early this morning I revisited one nest to see if the pair of eagles had come in to roost there last night. I was very happy to see them perched together ready for a new day!
Many thanks to the people who helped me on this trip, it was a really fantastic response and I get the impression that you are all very proud to have Black eagles breeding on your land. Thanks to Donkieskraal who also gave me accommodation for this trip. See you next time!


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